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(Protocols are not for Singing Lessons as they are run by an outsourced company who have their own set of protocols)


Payments will be made by the student/parent at the start each term within the first 3 weeks of term.

Invoices will be sent on the first day of lessons and the three week time limit will commence from then. The first lesson can be done as a prepaid trial lesson (First two lessons if the teacher is ok with this) but after this term billing will commence.

This is to ensure the room hire fee for the music school on behalf of the teacher is paid on time and teachers are ensured their income.

The school provides high quality teachers and in order to maintain our quality of lessons. Teachers are on this system to paid accordingly.

Absences and Make Up Lessons

If you have an absence with a suffice amount of notice (24 Hrs) a make up lesson can be arranged.

Lessons will only be made up if the student/parent has given the required notice to the teacher. Late cancelation for the room space is billed by the academy to the teacher so this is to cover the teachers costs. If the required notice is not given the lesson will be forfeited.

If the student/parent is expecting a large holiday or break, then that will also need to be discussed with the teacher in advance in order for the teacher to hold their spot, and for the teacher to provide the correct billing for the given term.

All guidelines are in place to make sure that the billing, scheduling and lessons run smoothly, academy costs are covered and to provide a high quality learning environment.

Thanks for your understanding

The Blackburn Academy