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Isaac Stott

Isaac Stott – Singing Lessons
Online Lessons Available


Since he was a child watching Australian Idol, Isaac has always loved singing. With five years of tertiary music education under his belt, Isaac has shaped his passion into a diverse understanding of musicianship. He has plenty of experience in solo and group singing, having taken part in Music Theatre, Gospel, RnB/Soul, Pop, and Jazz vocal ensembles at University.

Isaac has a particular passion for music direction, which led him to vocal directing an A Cappella group called “The Mockingbards” for two and a half years. In 2017, the Mockingbards competed in the AUSACA Championships, proceeding all the way to the final round. Isaac has also vocal directed a few Music Productions, namely Lumina Theatre Company’s ‘Legally Blonde’ (2018) and Lightbox Theatre Company’s ‘The Theory of Relativity’ (2019), for which he was nominated for a Lyrebird Award. Isaac is hardly a stranger to the stage however, and has also performed in countless musicals over the last 10 years.


Isaac wanted to take the next step in developing his singing skills, and decided to undertake a Bachelor of Music at Monash University. Specialising in Popular Voice, Isaac gained valuable knowledge in vocal anatomy, which he utilises to keep his voice in tip-top condition. Isaac particularly focused on developing his analytical ear for music, priding himself on his feedback skills.


Isaac has an enthusiastic, analytical, and extremely passionate love for music. Isaac’s voice is not only versatile, but also flexible, able to navigate any song he comes across, no matter how high, and has experience teaching children to seniors, men and women of all ages. Isaac’s Field of expertise when teaching is Pop, Soul, RnB, Music Theatre, Rock and Jazz though has experience teaching all modern contemporary styles.