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Anton Schulz

Anton Schulz – Piano, Guitar, Bass and Double Bass
Online lessons available

Anton is a vibrant and dedicated jazz musician with a specialisation in the double bass although electric bass, piano and guitar are very strong parts of his playing and teaching skill set.

Growing up surrounded by music, thanks to musician parents, Anton’s journey into the musical realm began early in life. At 16 years of age Anton completed a diploma of music performance. At the age of 17, he embarked on a transformative chapter, relocating to South Australia to pursue a Bachelor of Music at the esteemed James Morrison Academy. The James Morrison Academy not only refined Anton’s technical prowess but also supported his passion for the art of jazz. Since returning to Melbourne, Anton has become a familiar face on the music scene, gracing stages across genres with his musicality. His versatile repertoire showcases a profound connection to the instrument and a keen ability to captivate audiences.

Beyond his prowess as a performer, Anton holds a belief in the transformative power of music education. He advocates for an approach that nurtures a student’s inherent passion for music while guiding them towards their aspirations. Anton’s commitment to both his craft and the next generation of musicians reflects a dedication to the enduring magic of musical expression.