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Jess Arandall

Jess Arandall – Singing Lessons & Music Theory
Online Lessons Available


Jess began her singing career back when she was 13, starting with her very first vocal coach. Throughout the years she has participated in over 10+ years of vocal lessons, 5+ years of clarinet lessons and 6+ years of keyboard and piano lessons. She has also been a part of the Melbourne Indie Voices Choir for almost 3 years where she has strengthened her knowledge of complex vocal harmonies. Her favourite genres to learn about and perform are contemporary, indie, folk, RnB and soul and has learnt about these and many more after completing her studies at the Australian Institute of Music (AIM) here in Melbourne. 


After doing music all through high school, Jess continued her music studies at the Australian Institute of Music (AIM) in Melbourne, completing her Bachelor of Contemporary Music Performance majoring in Voice. Here she learnt a wide range of vocal styles, genres and skills as well as theory, aural skills, instrumental skills and song writing skills.  


Jess’ approach is a warm, fun-loving one where she believes the creation of a safe and trusting environment is vital. We all make mistakes and Jess knows that when it comes to singing making mistakes can be scary but encourages her students to explore their voice in a way that makes the student feel at ease and comfortable. She believes in students having goals both serious and fun ones and crafts her lessons to cater to the individual students goals, dreams and favourite styles. She believes storytelling and connecting to what you are singing truly does create a magical experience and aims to help her students connect to their instrument and their songs both originals and covers to tell their story as a unique and beautiful individual.